Thursday, April 26, 2012

julia frakes

Julia Frakes and I had been trying to get together for a few weeks but somehow kept missing each other. I finally got her on my table last week along with the lovely Katherine Bernard of Vogue. I made some suggestions to Julia but she ultimately let me do as I pleased with her naked ear. We put a tiny rose gold pyramid in her conch and a delicate rose gold ring in her upper helix.
Katherine also let me freshen up her piercing we did for the vogue interview a couple of months back. We put a delicate rose gold ring connecting her 2nd and 3rd ear lobe piercings, then I spun a rose golden web of chain from the front to back of her lobe.
I have a feeling I'll be seeing these beauties again real soon.   


  1. Please continue to post pictures of yourself. It's like eye candy for me. Vegan eye candy.

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