Thursday, March 15, 2012

spring fever

Some of my current favorites

Mak: Daith Piercing/ 14k rose gold beaded ring

Emily Weiss: Forward Helix/ 18k yellow gold ring

Hanna: Flat Piercing/ 1.5mm diamond bezel 18k yellow gold

Heeju: Conch Piercing/ 2mm diamond bezel 14k white gold


  1. You did my tragus piercing a while back, but I guess I didn't notice if you had piercings, so I am wondering if you indeed have piercings, I mean I suppose you do, and so which is your favourite piercing?

  2. And to follow up to that question, out of curiosity, what is your favourite piercing out of all the spots on the human body available to pierce; simply talking aesthetics.

  3. I get asked often about my piercings. I started piercing professionally in 2000. But my story starts much earlier than that. I began getting pierced at 12 or 13 (early 90's). Sometimes by friends, sometimes by ghetto bikers, sometimes in the mall and sometimes by a professional. I've had about everything you can think of pierced and probably stretched for what ever stupid reason. after all, the 90's were all about going big! anyways...i don't have much left. these days i prefer a much more delicate and discrete esthetic. my two all time favorites are nostril and septum piercings, with elegant jewelery of course. :)

  4. a la Givenchy, I'm guessing

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