Monday, May 30, 2011

roosevelt island

I'm a big fan of taking in the various sites New York has to offer. I recently took a trip to Roosevelt Island on the recommendation of my friend Charlene. I was interested in an old metal hospital in ruins located on the island. It proved quite difficult to approach in the day light undetected. I was a bit disappointed but found the view of Manhattan to be worth the quick F train ride. These are the only two decent photos I snapped off, some times that's how the cookie crumbles. Anyone know of any cool spots in or around the New York area? Take me, please!


  1. Hi Colby, have you been to the Storm King Sculpture Park and/or DIA:Beacon? Both are about two hours' train ride upstate and well worth the visit. I especially love walking or biking in the huge park and seeing big metal sculptures in the wild, where they belong.