Sunday, May 8, 2011

mothers day

Thanks Mom for teaching me right from wrong and how to dress so sharp.

p.s. its kind of creeping me out that my sister and the girl below this post have the same haircut.


  1. that little outfit is so cute. and u look so "business" in it. love it. i just made a purchase at american apparel today, i was born in '75, everything in there looks like it's from 1982, but i shop there sometimes anyay for some basic hard to fit stuff...and yesterday went to a vintage shop in the bk where everything "vintage" looked like it was from '86. I guess this is what getting older( which is a privilege) and wiser( which is a plus) feels like.

  2. aw! are you the baby? def see a mini j colby smith, you're totally a mix of both parents looks

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