Wednesday, March 9, 2011

throat tattoo

I have either reached celebrity status or rock bottom. Its a thin line I'm walking these days. I made the 1st page/ 5th image of Google search when you type in "throat tattoo". Shouldn't I receive some type of award? No one has contacted me yet. Also who is that babe next to me, not transformer but the other one, if u know her tell her to call me. :) She kind of looks like Winny Parnes. haha.
Below is the original photo taken by Thomas Hooper. My throat tattoo is one of the few I own that I actually still like, it was a collaborative piece done by Jondix and Thomas Hooper. The Script was done separately by Katja Ramirez.


  1. personally, I think throat tattoos are pretty danged foxy.
    if you don't mind my asking, do you mean to imply that you no longer like many other of your tattoos?

  2. yeah i was curious as to melina's question. one thing ive found with my own ink s there's always something i wish i could have done differently with it. but i still love the memory. yr throat tattoo rocks.

  3. congrats on your google position... it really is an amazing tattoo. i myself am currently 1st on page 4 for 'backpiece tattoo.' it really is such an honor. ;)

  4. im just happy you are "page friends" with hatebreed stash dude.
    miss you <3

  5. Melina, how many more times do i have take my top off for you. Its all take take take. haha. Your blog is so cute, everyone should check it out. actually im gonna add it to my blog roll. i keep meaning to do that. I have lots of tattoos that i cant stand. maybe a hand full i love and the rest im just okay with. but what ever, always can do a second coat.
    Anonymous, Thank you!
    Sarah, I looked for you, is it the cherry blossom?
    Julio, the guy with the LV tattoo kinda looks like you.

  6. oh, colby smith? yeah, he's definitely a celebrity...

  7. haha, well, I have no limits, what can I say?
    that is very sweet of you!

  8. melina's blog IS cute!

    i am now at the bottom of page 6... snake wrapped around an apple tree. i don't usually google it, but there ya go!

  9. I apparently need to get a throat tattoo, a new plaid shirt, a milkshake and put my septum ring back in. I wish I looked that good, she is super fine.


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