Monday, February 28, 2011

antique gold locket

by: Eugène Fontenay. Its decorated in the Etruscan taste with gold granulation, hinged at the top to reveal a locket compartment, from the 19th century.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

live to shred/shred to live

We have been packing up at NY ADORNED getting ready for our temporary move (during renovation) to our sister store LOVE ADORNED. I found this tech-deck under a pile somewhere aka Damion's station. I believe it belonged to the world famous finger jockey Chad Koeplinger. I have been shredding around the shop in my spare time, working on my wicked moves. Bart Bingham turned me onto this skate video and now have wasted countless hours watching "how to" videos. While I'm on this rant about finger skating i would like to recommend a double feature movie night of Thrashing and Gleaming the Cube.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

billy the kid/costa rica/506

A big part of who I am today was cultivated by a punk subculture called Straight Edge. The concept of Straight Edge varies from every individual who chooses to sails under her flag. The Idea is fairly simple which contributes to its long lived success; live a sober lifestyle so you can use your brain. Its evolving doctrine is preached through fast, hard music aka hardcore. It is a youthful idea that I have carried into my 30's. Kids are no longer kids but now men and women with families, degrees and careers. It is not my defining characteristic but still resonates my core ideology.
I have traveled the world and connected with many national and international Straight Edge communities. Eddy, the voice of Billy the Kid was one of the first friends I made in Central America. I consider him very close to me, mi Tico hermano. When imagining Costa Rica we think of beaches, cloud forests and volcanoes. This new video from BTK shows you something different, a thriving underground punk/hardcore community. BTK have toured Europe a couple of times, Central America and have plans in motion for South America. We would love to have them in North America but has proved difficult due to our Governments fear of the Latino people. Pick up their newest album Jonestown. Love and Respect to my 506 familia. Many thanks to Fernando, Danilu and Inti and everyone else who has met me with open arms.