Monday, January 31, 2011

marloes horst

Dutch beauty, Marloes Horst is featured on the cover of Jalouse this month.  February's issue is paying a well deserved tribute to the 1970's; "1977 where it all started"! Horst's "over-sized" nipple ring ties the vintage 70's to the modern 10's.
I have to give my friend Louise of acne studios credit for popping off this 90's grunge throwback piercing trend in New York. I'm assuming she picked it up somewhere in Scandinavia. She begged and pleaded with me to "make it bigger, make it bigger" "trashier, grosser". I am now seeing an increase in this trend of "over-sized" jewelry in piercings and am positive it will not be changing course anytime soon. I survived the 90's once, I'm certain i can do it again. -C

thanx and love to Katya of Instyle Magazine Russia


  1. well, I did ask for more shirtless antics, but next time will be more specific.

  2. i dont really understand the oversized thing unless u are stretching or something? despite what I have seen in the archives of BME, a stretched nipple doesnt look like each is own tho.

  3. i don't mean stretched. i mean OVER SIZED vs a fitted ring, referring strictly to the diameter. -C

  4. oh, way different. btw i forwarded the link to What Vegans Eat to a caterer whose food i had to suffer through in a very antivegan atmosphere dinner that was supposedly held "in my honor"---kind of long story. really gross. Thanks for starting that site or letting people know about it. it was brutal.