Wednesday, January 26, 2011

108 mix tape vol 1

Finally!! I am giving something back to YOU. Music plays such an important roll in our lives. It can effect our moods, stir up forgotten memories, inspire us and also transport us through time. I made this mix over the last couple of weeks for you, as a thank you for all of your continued interest and support. Enjoy! -C

art work: Cindy Wong
post script: would love to hear some feed back on this one. 


  1. emotional montage = mission accomplished. the compilation has a great progression. apeman is a perfect foundation - strips you bare (as all format does) and allows for slow build of regret & sweetness (adam green-the knife) with a nice classic transition vm-bm)then throws you back up in the air. really enjoyed it...thanks much :)

  2. shut the door followed by redemption song. lovely! thanks for the positive inspirational start to my day.

  3. just downloaded/listened to it.
    I like blonde redhead so much.
    thank you.

    maybe you like this?

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