Tuesday, October 12, 2010

tattoos and lighting by Damion Ross

Damion makes really nice tattoos. He is Anti-technology so there is no link to myspace or facebook, he defiantly does not have a blog, and vary rarely does he even take pictures. He is stuck in the past and keeping it real. Damion also collects and sells antique lighting in his spare time when he is not tattooing at New York Adorned.
If you would like to get tattooed by Damion get in touch with him the old fashion way; call him up or stop by and make a consulataion with him through his assistant @

New York Adorned
#47 (between 2nd and 3rd street) 2nd Avenue
New York, NY

If you are intrested in his antique lighting email him @ halfcentury71@gmail.com (don't expect a speedy response, as they did not have email in 1920)
On a personal note me and Damion could not be more different as individuals but its those differences that enrich our friendship. In many situations I ask myself "what the fuck would Damion do"?, then i smash the glass over his head and kiss the girl.

I snapped off these photos when he wasn't looking and Damion built this light for me last week.


  1. What WOULD Damien do?