Tuesday, October 5, 2010

september, 30 - October, 3 2010

Piercings transcend age, race, sex and class. In an average week i see approximately 60 people; piercings, insertions, complications, consultations, pre/post surgeries, visits from parents, MRI's, etc... Some Clients I have become close with over the years, some I never see again. This week i took some quick head shots of the people that enter and exit my life in 20 minutes or less. It has always been interesting for me to meet people in stressful situations. I truly have the best clients in New York City and I'm grateful for everyone that crosses my path...


  1. This is awesome. A great idea. You can tell everyone is stoked.
    Ps. See you in November!

  2. is that the chick from arrested development?

  3. I thought you said they transcend gender...