Tuesday, September 28, 2010

marcelina sowa

I am happy to see piercings back on the runway this year. Marcelina Sowa kills it with her lip piercing w/ fitted ring.

Spring 2011 Ready to Wear Collection  

By Charlotte Ronson

Marcelina Sowa, Runway


Monday, September 27, 2010

september 23 -26 2010


Honored to have captured Kaz.

billy the kid

 Through my travels to Costa Rica i have made many good friends. Eddy Gambino (aka perro loco) is among them. Eddy is the voice for Costa Rica based hardcore band Billy The Kid. They have just released a new album called Jonestown. Billy the Kid is currently on tour in Europe representing the 506/ Central American hardcore scene. Check their tour dates and see if they are playing your city + extend my friends your hospitality. Don't forget to bring your mosh.

no thank you

I'm thankful for all the amazing human interactions I experience everyday. Zeina, you rule my world! Good job on keeping it old school. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

108 physical collection

Lori Leven gave me one of the pins and Damion Ross found the oxidized pin and also the tiles. My collection is getting big, keep your eyes open. 

september 16 - 18th 2010

Featuring: James Motz, Mari Garcia, Virgina Elwood, Lolly Holloway, Bart Bingham and Damion Ross

train yard

mother and father

I Recently visited my parents in Ogden, Utah this September. I Took this photo on their deck on looking the Rocky Mountains. This is where I come from and makes me who I am. Thank you to the both of them for the gift of this life. I will live it to the fullest out of gratitude.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

home made piercing

I was recently home visiting friends and family in Utah. This poor young girl begged and begged for a piercing from me, despite not having the necessary tools to preform the procedure. Eventually i caved and began to scavenger for tools and bits i could "MacGyver" to suit my needs. This is a nose piercing done using items found in an average apartment. I think it came out quite nice considering. It was an emotional experience for the girl but a good laugh for the spectators.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

cathedral tattoo

Troy Trujillo, Jake Miller and Big Mike were kind enough to let me tattoo 108's on them. They sealed their fate for $1.08. Troy, Jake and CJ Fishburn, all formally of 11th Street Electric Tattoo are evolving into Cathedral Tattoo, located downtown Salt Lake City. I know the 108's will bring them good luck and lots of success with their new endeavor. ¡108 801!

julio got limits

I was lucky enough to snap off some shots of Julio Pardo (aka Julio Got Limits). Julio has recently returned to New York after his year long travels of South, Central and North America. He documented his travels with film and can be viewed on his blog: girls got limits or check out his hand picked favorites in his recently released 60 page zine: because the girls got limits, + limited prints are also available from digital gravel. You will either love him or hate him but one thing is for sure... Julio doesn't give a fuck what you think.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

push up contest

Every now and then around NY Adorned we have to prove "who is the most manly". Obviously I am, but I sometimes tire of being right and the best all the time, so I kindly let Evan think he is king of the jungle...for now. One of our loyal customers walked in and taught us all a thing or two about muscles. Enjoy. -c

Colby: 25 Push Ups
Josh: 25 Push ups
Evan: 26 Push ups
Customer: Prob like a million