Thursday, August 5, 2010

the bridge vegan cafe

The Bridge was a in direct project of mine for several years. It began as a cafe that was next door to Good Times Tattoo, where i worked as a piercer in Salt Lake City. Soon I feel in love with a beautiful barista who worked there, Rachael (aka DJ Balance).
Eventual the owners wanted out of the failing cafe and wanted to sell the lease and equipment cheap. I had grand visions of an all vegan cafe/ community center. I convinced Rachael to sink her remaining college trust fund into the business (never doubt my Jedi powers). We renamed it Coffee Under the Bridge. It was a clever play on words because the building that housed Good Times Tattoo, Coffee Under the Bridge, myself and a high concentration of my vegan straight edge friends, was in fact named The Bridge.
Me and Rach poured our heart and soul into it. I fixed and renovated with the help of my friends while Rachael and her family handled the coffee and food side of things. It grew and gained popularity among the salt lake vegan community as well as traveling vegans.
At some point me and Rachael broke up... as all people do. She wanted out and wanted her youth back. Rachael had several offers on the place but didn't want to hand it over to just anyone. It was important to keep the integrity and ideology intact. 
As fate would have it my good friends Vic Back (Good Times Tattoo) and Jeph Howard (The Used) had been looking for a business to invest in. I suggested the Bridge to them and they loved the idea under one condition, that I run it. Coffee Under the Bridge turned into The Bridge Vegan Cafe. We did some minor renovations and got straight to business. I have to admit it just wasn't the same with out Rachael and her family but still a place embraced my many. 
When I left Utah I left this chapter behind, somewhat unfinished. The bridge was many different things to many different people, but to me it was an idea put into motion.


  1. do you know that rachael and her mother catered my (all vegan) wedding party/going away open house in slc? they made all of the food, and a beautiful three tiered wedding cake for danny and i! it was so good, and i really appreciated all of their hard work. she is such a nice girl. <3

  2. I love you always Colby! Thank you.. -Rachael