Saturday, July 10, 2010

stuff in my room

I am a very minimal person, I only have what I need and I need very little. Every once in a while something special comes into my life and i keep it, and i keep it forever. In my room at new york adorned I keep several bits of treasure that hold tremendous value to me. Perhaps you have wondered what the hell it all is and where it comes from? Maybe, you just want to get pierced and get the fuck out of there. haha. If you are reading my blog ill assume the former.
This is a card my close friend Danilu Rojas gave to me, while i was visiting her in Costa Rica. It is a hypodermic needle turned in on its self with the Spanish phrase "no drogas" (no drugs) below it. I like the sleek minimal print plus I'm 33 and don't use drugs. Gracias mi tonta!

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