Wednesday, July 28, 2010

gemma gibb

This is Gemma Gibb, she is from South Africa but currently living in New York. She keeps a really interesting and detailed blog about her experiences Living in Downtown Manhattan. She got her lip pierced a couple of weeks back. What a sweet heart. She talks about her piercing experience in her blog but neglected to mention what a nervous wreck she was. We got through it together and managed to pose for photos after.

I have gone my whole life, 33 years, with out meeting anyone named Gemma. Its only fitting I post the two i now know back to back. Gemma, meet Gemma.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

gemma matsuy

My customer Gemma made some vegan baked goods and brought them into New York Adorned. Unfortunately it was my day off and by the time i got to them, my coworkers had gobbled most of them up. I snapped this photo of the remains. Apparently there was several varieties of deliciousness. The one i tasted was some sort of fennel concoction. I have never tasted anything like it. Amazing, thank you Gemma!

Gemma works @
Sullivan Street Bakery
533 W 47th St

Sunday, July 25, 2010


I finally got to see the documentary Collapse. I heard about it a year or so ago and have been patiently waiting my turn to see it. It is about the collapse that is already taking place now that we have surpassed the worlds peak oil extraction. Peak oil is the point in time when the maximum rate of global petroleum extraction is reached, after which the rate of production enters terminal decline. It gets ugly quick. He offers some solutions on how to prepare for our unstoppable and unthinkable future. This is real and it is happening now. Inform yourselves and prepare appropriately for whats coming. I'm considering putting together a screening of this movie to share with everyone. Let me know if your interested.
Just to reiterate; we have used half of the worlds oil supply. There is less than half left.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Straight chill'n. Occasionally we take breaks out of our busy days to pose for pictures.

Evan McKnight, J. Colby Smith, Josh Harris

Thursday, July 22, 2010


This is the part of my job i dread most. Being busy requires me to be fast and to be fast i must be prepared. When a new order comes in, it gets packaged up, labeled and then sterilized. Maybe one of these will be yours?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

עין הרע

As a thank you,  a client of mine tied this red string from Jerusalem around my wrist. I'll take all the good luck i can get.
Wearing a thin red string (as a type of talisman) is a custom, popularly thought to be associated with Judaism's Kabbalah, to ward off misfortune brought about by an "evil eye". In Yiddish the red string is called a roite bindele.
The red string itself is usually made from thin red wool (def not vegan) thread. It is worn, or tied, as a type of bracelet or "band" on the left wrist of the wearer (the receiving side).

Monday, July 19, 2010

maxx starr

Maxx has been my partner in crime for a year and a half at New York Adorned. I'm sad to see him go, but happy to see him move on to bigger and better endeavors. Maxx with be greatly missed around the adorned scene.
Maxx is always skeeming; whether its music, clothing or promoting. Make sure to keep tabs on what he and The White Glove Group is working on next. Also Check out their blog and follow it.

This is a limited edition t-shirt Maxx (The White Glove Group) and our other good friend Julio (Girls Got Limits) collaborated on...

If you are goth, goth enthusiast or a closet goth, you will love the "After Midnight" parties Maxx and Fernando Lions put on. The best way i can describe it is; Imagine a goth club from the 80's, lights, smoke, sisters of mercy...suddenly all the doors lock and vampires feed on the blood of the mortal and for some reason blood pours out of the sprinkler system.

I'll leave you with this video. Why? Why not?

Friday, July 16, 2010

gallery stroll

Rushed over to see the "Metanoia" exhibit featuring Chris O'Donnell, Steph Tamez and Thomas Hooper after work. Great show + packed with irregulars that should be more regular in my life.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I"m working in our Brooklyn location on Tuesdays for the next couple of months. Its not very often i cross the river, so i get to see all the friends who don't seem to cross the other way. I had breakfast with Yoni Zilber and his family on their terrace....Spent the day at the shop with Kaz, Sinji, Thomas, Yoni, Paul and John. So good to see everyone again. Chad Stopped in and said hello before flying off to...fuck who knows.
Brooklyn-ites,  if you wanna get pierced by me, hang with me, eat food with me, Tuesday is the day to do so! Make it happen. -c

Monday, July 12, 2010

108 manifestations

Chad Koeplinger manifested this 108. Time to charge your phone homie. Love and respect.


If you have ever wondered why everyone at adorned has fucked up looking hair...Its because i cut it. :) When things slow down around the shop, I maintain the wild hair of adorned. If you want a hair cut by me, first watch Star Wars then pick which Jedi style hair cut you want.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Another crazy Saturday plus a surprise tattoo by Chad Koeplinger. If you was on this list, thank you for being patient and awesome. I had a ton of fun with all of you, even you Molly. :) Oh shout out to Lolly Holloway for being the grease in my wheels.


This is Anya Shiferson, she cracked me up when she rolled in the door wearing this hoop in her nose. She was worried it was gonna close up, so she grabbed the only earring she could find. I'm grateful for moments like these.

the garden

This is the secret garden of new york adorned. This is where we go when we are on the verge of a melt down. The opposite side of the brick wall is a really old cemetery. Thats where we bury the clients that put us on the verge of our melt downs. :)

stuff in my room

I am a very minimal person, I only have what I need and I need very little. Every once in a while something special comes into my life and i keep it, and i keep it forever. In my room at new york adorned I keep several bits of treasure that hold tremendous value to me. Perhaps you have wondered what the hell it all is and where it comes from? Maybe, you just want to get pierced and get the fuck out of there. haha. If you are reading my blog ill assume the former.
This is a card my close friend Danilu Rojas gave to me, while i was visiting her in Costa Rica. It is a hypodermic needle turned in on its self with the Spanish phrase "no drogas" (no drugs) below it. I like the sleek minimal print plus I'm 33 and don't use drugs. Gracias mi tonta!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

COD, Tamez, and the Hoops

Chris O'Donnell
Stephanie Tamez
Thomas Hooper

also...while your at it, make sure to check out Chris O'Donnell's newer paintings here.

minka sicklinger

Minka Sicklinger made this illustration for my birthday. She thinks my spirit animal is a cat. How pussy is that? Meow. Check out more of her work at

click to enlarge

aurora borealis

i would really like to see this with my own eyes, sometime in the near future.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

phuket vegetarian festival

Every October in Phuket, Thailand they hold "the vegetarian festival" where Devotees manifest supernatural powers and perform self-tortures in order to shift evil from individuals onto themselves, and to bring the community good luck.
Participants in the fest keep to a strict vegetarian diet for a varying number of days, usually no less than three. This they do to make themselves strong in mind and body; they refrain from all vice, eating animal flesh, dairy and killing animals. The festival thus promotes good hygiene, brightness and inner peace.

go vegan, its good for you and the animals.