Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Troy Trujillo

 Troy is one of my really close friends from Salt Lake City. He is a real OG and was a terrible influence on me: getting me into fights, kicked out of clubs, pushing old ladies down, stealing candy from babies and even punching girls (3 of the 5 are true). You name it, he made me do it. I was a lot more popular before i started hanging around this shady character.
We wrote a zine with our friend (and now Troys wife) Megan called "a new dawn breaking".  Our friend Foeks wrote a song with Cherem, vocalizing our call for war "against all those who oppress innocent life".
All kidding aside, it was a great time in my life. Words cant express the love I feel for Troy, Megan and Foeks. Thousands of miles separate us now, but our friendships will weather distance and time.
Troy is making amazing tattoos @ Eleventh Street Tattoo in Salt Lake City. I keep trying to convince him to visit me and do some work in New York. We are talking about going to Spain together and doing the Barcelona convention in October. Keep you eyes peeled and a spot free on your body, i guarantee you want to get tattooed by this mother fucker. Add Troy to your myspace or facebook to keep updated on his work.


  1. love you and miss you, COlby. You're awesome.

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