Thursday, March 25, 2010

vic back

My close friend Vic Back was just in town. He had been tagging along with Killswitch Engage while they toured the United States, tattooing; bands, techs, and friends along the way. Me and Vic go back about 10 years and is an important part of where i come from. Lets just say, we know each other from our less cooler days. It was really good spending a few days with him and catching up with some other mutual friends i hadn't seen for a while.
If your not familiar with Vic's work already, click the link and check out his blog. He is always up to some crazy shit. Vic Promised me he would come stay in May so email him and tell him you want to get tattooed.
Vic lives and works in Salt Lake City. You can find him @ Good Times Tattoo.


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