Wednesday, December 2, 2009

mursi lip plate south ethiopia

Mursi woman with her giant lip plate, a sign of beauty in Mursi tribe. When they are ready to marry, they start to make a hole in the lip with a wood stick.
It will be kept for one night , and is removed to put a bigger one. This is very painful at this time... Few months after, the lip plate has its full size, and the girl is seen as beautiful by the men.
The lip plate made of wood or terracotta, and they have to remove the lower incisors to let some space for the disc. it's amazing to see them speak without any trouble, put it and remove it as a classic jewel.
Sometimes the lip is broken by the pressure of the lip plate. This is a very big problem for the girl cos men will consider her as ugly, she won't be able to marry anyone in the tribe apart the old men or the sick people...
The women are shaved, like the men, cos they hate hairiness!

photo & description credit: Eric Lafforque


  1. do they say anything about their blowjob skills?

  2. I have some of these in the safe. Should we have Autumn document them? JCS all the way!

  3. If the real reason for doing this originally was to make their women undesirable for slavers.....well.....I think it worked.

  4. Should we have Autumn document them

  5. The lip plates serves to remained people of woman’s commencement to her culture and above all to her deceased husband.
    Mursi Of Ethiopia

  6. hey say anything about their blowjob skills