Wednesday, November 18, 2009

taxi ride in panama

Me and my Costa Rican amigo Eddy (perro loco), took a trip into panama in 2008. We was staying on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica in a small town called Puerto Viejo. Our other CR friend Fernando, parents own a nice hotel there so we was taking full advantage of its amenities. We crossed the border at Sixola, Costa Rica into panama. Destination: Boca Del Toro (aka fantasy island as me and eddy call it), an island off the east coast of Panama. Once we crossed we immediately was rushed into a Panamanian taxi along with a large group of British girls. As soon as the engine was started the driver popped a cassette tape into the player. This cassette was one of the best compilations i have heard to date. As you will see the ride was scary as fuck but the tunes was bumping and the driver was super into it. Me and eddy laughed our asses off in disbelief that we had such good luck, while the Brits seemed to regret trusting the Panamanian who helped them across the border and stuffed them into this taxi ride to paradise.

enjoy -c


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