Monday, November 30, 2009

family ties

I have been thinking about my family a lot lately. Simple things can become so complicated. When did that stream become a river? I will follow it until i can find a safe place to cross.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

crown of thorns

At least once a day someone asks me..."what is the weirdest thing you have ever pierced?" satisfy that curiosity here it is. I give you the "crown of thorns" (not the band).

This kid was a really nice "devil worshiper" who wanted to stick it to the man up stairs by piercing a crown of thorns into his head. At some point his mom showed up and began to cry but was still surprisingly supportive. I can't remember what year this was, im guessing 2003. This took place at good times tattoos in salt lake city and i was assisted by Alex Hinton. 53 piercings total according to my records. Kids today.

Monday, November 23, 2009

the coral castle

I visited the coral castle a few years ago after hearing about it from Steven French who shares a common interest in ancient technologies. If i remember correctly, he had just finished reading the giza power plant and then passed it along to me. This place is not beautiful or breathtaking until you try to comprehend how one man could have cut, moved and constructed this coral structure alone in the 1920's. Ed Leedskalnin wrote a few books, one of them is titled Magnetic Current. Ovbiously Ed knew something we dont or at least are only begining to understand. Check out the video at the bottom of this post for more information.

colby vs. the volcano

Have you ever looked into the mouth of a volcano before? I have! A few times actually...I love this country and everyone in it!

IrazĂș Volcano, Costa Rica 07

Saturday, November 21, 2009

kind words

this is a review a client wrote on yelp about her piercing experience....

I walked in to NY Adorned, very attracted by the artistic displays on the storefront and window, immediately looked in at all of the people, who really were adorned with a wide variation of piercings and tattoos. I remember the moment of *midwestern-yuppie-upbringing-judgement" where I thought to myself, this place is totally a punk hangout and maybe I don't belong here. This is one of those experiences in life that humbled me into realizing how narrow my mind could be constricted and consequently re-expanded.

Colby sat with me to speak with me about my nose re-piercing and look at the semi-closed hole in my nose... I was immediately warmed into a state of calm. There are very few people and situations that can evoke this from me, but Colby seems to have that magical intrinsic quality that makes him successful at his trade. (Hmmm.. maybe I should stop in and loiter around him when I can't make it to yoga.. ?) After about 20 minutes, I am called into the 'piercing room', which really resembles apothecary meets modern doctor office. He slips on some surgical gloves, pulls out a tray that holds sanitized surgical equipment and a few cups and begins to mix the sanitizing solutions into those cups like an old alchemist. He then tells me that he is just going to try to slip the nose piece it into the existing hole in my nose, which has only been empty for 4 months, to see if he can avoid using a needle. He approaches me and then chuckles with excitement, but I had no idea what the chuckle meant. It took me a few puzzled seconds to realize that the piece went in without incident. Now, that is talent.

It was mind expanding to witness the level of professionalism manifest itself into this piercing and tattoo studio in a society where we so often reserve these expectations to assess more "traditional professions." Social construct and messaging fools us into taking for granted that perhaps a tattoo or piercing artist does not need to place emphasis on "professional skills", but rather maintain the rough and rugged exterior as rebel identity. On the contrary, I would argue that it these "permanent" procedures really call for an intangible amount of social intelligence, focus and skill-- which really is embodied at NY Adorned. I am (and always will be) a die-hard fan of situations that defy social construct and hence recommend NY-Adorned with 5 stars as possibly the BEST of NY in its industry.

After the re-piercing, Colby relayed that I needed to come back in one week for an adjustment. At this moment, I felt like he saw right through me...into the core of my aloof personality. He questioned, "Do you need a card week... that means next Friday? you get it, right? I will see you in 7 days here?" Needless to say, I only wandered in about 3 weeks later for the adjustment. I guess some of my own intrinsic qualities will never change... no matter how much my mind is expanded.

julianne moore

I did an ear piercing on Julianne a few months ago for her roll in an upcoming movie...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

taxi ride in panama

Me and my Costa Rican amigo Eddy (perro loco), took a trip into panama in 2008. We was staying on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica in a small town called Puerto Viejo. Our other CR friend Fernando, parents own a nice hotel there so we was taking full advantage of its amenities. We crossed the border at Sixola, Costa Rica into panama. Destination: Boca Del Toro (aka fantasy island as me and eddy call it), an island off the east coast of Panama. Once we crossed we immediately was rushed into a Panamanian taxi along with a large group of British girls. As soon as the engine was started the driver popped a cassette tape into the player. This cassette was one of the best compilations i have heard to date. As you will see the ride was scary as fuck but the tunes was bumping and the driver was super into it. Me and eddy laughed our asses off in disbelief that we had such good luck, while the Brits seemed to regret trusting the Panamanian who helped them across the border and stuffed them into this taxi ride to paradise.

enjoy -c

homebody boutique

My friend Kate just opened up a store in park slope. It's called homebody boutique and has everything you need to make your home homey hommie. You can find some of Kate's art and crafts on her etsy site. Go visit homebody and then grab a vegan bite at the v spot or brooklyn snice.
We spent a few hours today taking photos of the place and some products for ny magazine. here are some of the highlights.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Morphogenetic Universe

I first caught wind of Rupert Sheldrake's theory a few years back in the book "the last hours of ancient sunlight". It made a small reference to morphogenetic fields, i then started seeking out more information on the subject. Rupert blew my mind when i started learning about his ideas. It also introduced me to "the secret life of plants" which is a whole other mind fuck. -colby

In 1981 Rupert Sheldrake outraged the scientific establishment with his hypothesis of morphic resonance. A morphogenetic field is a hypothetical biological field that contains the information necessary to shape the exact form of a living thing. A presentation at the Biology of Transformation Conference in 2007.


tragus piercing

tragus piercing
18k yellow gold cbr w/ 22k "india" style bead, 22k dangle and diopside crystal
model: cassie

Monday, November 16, 2009


shortly after coming into the office i noticed Bryan Randolph, Maxx Starr and Danielle Albrigo were all wearing their own merchandise. i'm pretty sure there is some unwritten law about doing this. its right next to the one about wearing a band's shirt to their show.

Bryan Randolph's shirts are available @ new york adorned

The White Glove Group's "YOLO" (you only live once) crew neck is available on their website

Danielle Albrigo's shirts are available online through shirts and destroy


Sunday, November 15, 2009

rethinking our roles

This was a random interview on bedford ave. they asked me to choose 3 topics from a list they provided and then give my opinion on them. my topics where global warming, obama and abortion. i guess global warming was all that made the cut.

stay vegan!

my friend billy french from the band cherem made these posters last year. staying vegan is almost as big of a campaign as getting people to go vegan.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

the white glove group

the white glove group

creative team maxx starr and dan santoro join forces and become the super force known as "the white glove group". these guys actually scare me when they put their brains together for collaborations. i wouldn't be caught dead in williamsburg or the east village with out this sweater this fall/winter.



Friday, November 13, 2009

prision radio

I got turned on to Prison Radio a few years back after doing some research for a zine me and yort wrote called A New Dawn Breaking. We featured an article on a political prisoner living on death row.

Mumia-Abu Jamal's recorded esays are a welcomed voice of reason. Mumia puts current events into prospective through the eyes of someone living in a solitary confinment cell, awaiting execution on death row.

Prision radio is an excelent resorce with archives to quinch your thirst for days.