Monday, October 12, 2009

J. Colby Smith

J. Colby Smith approaches the craft of high end body piercing with confidence, knowledge and understanding. ”Every client is unique so it only seems natural that I cater to each person's individual needs."

Colby's expertise, honed through over ten years of education, observation and application, is defined by his dedication to administer superior craftsmanship in a clean and safe environment. Stylistically, he strikes a balance between subtle and complimentary, installing only the highest quality jewelry. “Each piercing should capture the unique, natural beauty of the individual.”

Colby's comforting demeanor and passion for personalized service are highly lauded, garnering rave reviews in fashion and culture publications such as Vogue, Elle, Into the Gloss, Surface, Nylon and W Magazine among others, as well as customer review sites like Yelp, City Search and Foursquare:

“J. Colby Smith has the technique and touch of an angel. If any of my friends ever wanted to get a piercing--- this is the only person I'd recommend. He is very zen and has been doing piercings for ten years”. Lisa Q.

“Even though I've been getting pierced for 15+ years he still made me feel at home and completely comfortable. He was probably one of the friendliest piercers I've ever had. Very professional, highly recommended ...cute too”! Dani M.

“I would honestly never let anyone but Colby pierce me, it's worth the trek 4 hours down from Boston to NYC”. Kim D.

“From one sweaty-palmed worrywart to another...please, go see J. Colby. One of the nicest people I have ever met”. Alexis L.

“I was immediately warmed into a state of calm. There are very few people and situations that can evoke this from me, but Colby seems to have that magical intrinsic quality that makes him successful at his trade”. Preeti B.

Whether adorning the walk-in costumer or a member of his voluminous high profile clientele -- which includes editors, actors, musicians, designers, models and even royalty -- Colby provides luxury work with a personal touch.

Originally from Utah, Colby now resides in Manhattan's East Village, where you can find him piercing at the internationally renowned New York Adorned. In what free time his busy schedule allows, Colby enjoys exploring and photographing remote regions of the world.
Colby subscribes to a cruelty free lifestyle and has been promoting a vegan diet for over 15 years. “We can't treat each other with true consideration until we treat animals with respect.”