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I walked in to NY Adorned, very attracted by the artistic displays on the storefront and window, immediately looked in at all of the people, who really were adorned with a wide variation of piercings and tattoos.  I remember the moment of *midwestern-yuppie-upbringing-judgement" where I thought to myself, this place is totally a punk hangout and maybe I don't belong here.  This is one of those experiences in life that humbled me into realizing how narrow my mind could be constricted and consequently re-expanded.

Colby sat with me to speak with me about my nose re-piercing and look at the semi-closed hole in my nose... I was immediately warmed into a state of calm.  There are very few people and situations that can evoke this from me, but Colby seems to have that magical intrinsic quality that makes him successful at his trade.  (Hmmm.. maybe I should stop in and loiter around him when I can't make it to yoga.. ?)  After about 20 minutes, I am called into the 'piercing room', which really resembles apothecary meets modern doctor office.  He slips on some surgical gloves, pulls out a tray that holds sanitized surgical equipment and a few cups and begins to mix the sanitizing solutions into those cups like an old alchemist.  He then tells me that he is just going to try to slip the nose piece it into the existing hole in my nose, which has only been empty for 4 months, to see if he can avoid using a needle.  He approaches me and then chuckles with excitement, but I had no idea what the chuckle meant.  It took me a few puzzled seconds to realize that the piece went in without incident.  Now, that is talent.  

It was mind expanding to witness the level of professionalism manifest itself into this piercing and tattoo studio in a society where we so often reserve these expectations to assess more "traditional professions."   Social construct and messaging fools us into taking for granted that perhaps a tattoo or piercing artist does not need to place emphasis on "professional skills", but rather maintain the rough and rugged exterior as rebel identity.  On the contrary, I would argue that it these "permanent" procedures really call for an intangible amount of social intelligence, focus and skill-- which really is embodied at NY Adorned.  I am (and always will be) a die-hard fan of situations that defy social construct and hence recommend NY-Adorned with 5 stars as possibly the BEST of NY in its industry.

After the re-piercing, Colby relayed that I needed to come back in one week for an adjustment.  At this moment, I felt like he saw right through me...into the core of my aloof personality.  He questioned, "Do you need a card week... that means next Friday? you get it, right?  I will see you in 7 days here?"   Needless to say, I only wandered in about 3 weeks later for the adjustment.  I guess some of my own intrinsic qualities will never change... no matter how much my mind is expanded. -Preeti B

Recently I got a very 90's piercing here and today it feels completely healed.

No, it wasn't a tongue piercing, which is the fastest healing. However, I can barely notice I got something done. J. Colby Smith has the technique and touch of an angel. If any of my friends ever wanted to get a piercing--- this is the only person I'd recommend. He is very zen and has been doing piercings for ten years. "I've seen it all..." he said.

Also, to get anything done forever on your body, this is the only place I'd ever recommend. Not only is it clean, safe, and professional---- it's beautiful!

I've passed this place so many times and had no clue it was a tattoo/piercing place because of its lack of cliched neon and grunge. New York Adorned is gorgeous, from the outside it simply looks like a high-end jewelry store. Indeed they do carry very unique and sophisticated jewelry.

"When you walked in here I knew these would be good for you," said the exquisitely tattooed lady with a British accent. She held up the most exquisite rose gold jewelry I've ever seen.

Hmm, how did she know I was going to get that particular piercing as I walked in? Nevertheless, I was totally sold. It's $400 dollars of spectacular and I bought it. Rose gold is gold mixed with copper, "copper is actually good for your body, it improves circulation," said Colby.

I'll wear it forever--- seriously, I legit never want to take this out. It's so classic and looks different to everyone.

"It is truly beautiful," said my friend Laila
"Oooh, it looks antiquey," said my friend Kate
"I like it, it looks Indian," said my friend Vivek
"OH GIRL," said my friend Liz
"WHAT?! Wow, it's actually gorgeous," said my friend Nicole

This place is wonderful. Take care of yourself and come here instead of a sketched out joint. -Lisa Q

Want a piercing? Ask for Colby. I've been to him a few times, and referred several friends. He's friendly and precise. His advice for aftercare is also better than other piercers I've seen... for example, for hypertrophic scarring he recommends more natural products, like tea tree oil, instead of hydrogen peroxide, which is what another piercer recommended for me. Colby also took a look at my jewelry and adjusted it; combined with the tea tree oil treatments, the problem went away within a week.

NY Adorned is pricier than some other places, but I'd rather have what amounts to a medical procedure in a nice shop as opposed to a shithole place that also sells bongs and dildos. You want quality, you gots to pay for that.

Anyway, Colby's great. I'd send my friends to him.

I'd send my enemies to the peroxide guy.  -Sarah R

Had my nipple done by Colby, he was very professional and did an awesome job. When my piercing got irritated from using too much soap I came back (this was almost a year later) and a different piercer spent several minutes with me to make sure it wasn't an infection and to give me instructions on how to care for it. Awesome experience.  -Max M

Colby is a great piercer and his calm energy & manner will put you at ease. -Jennifer G

Thank you, Yelpers, for pointing me in the right direction! I've been wanting to get my lip pierced for as long as I can remember. Now that I work at a piercing-friendly workplace, tonight was the night to face the needle.

New York Adorned is very conveniently located. The couches in the waiting room are TO DIE FOR comfortable. What I wouldn't have done to be able to take a nap on one of 'em! The studio is gorgeous, and the room that I was pierced in was incredibly clean.

I have nothing but positive things to say about my piercing experience. Colby was my piercer, and he was amazing. Colby was super friendly and professional. He told me everything he was doing as he was doing it, which I greatly appreciated. He also asked me a bunch of questions before and after he pierced me to be sure that I would be the happiest with the end result. He was extremely gentle with both the lip clamp and the piercing...I barely felt either! Colby was also nice enough to change my nose stud to a nose ring.

The customer service at New York Adorned is top-notch. Both Colby and the person that rang me out repeatedly reassured me that I could call or come in at anytime if I had any questions or concerns. The piercing itself, the two pieces of jewelry, and a hefty tip ended up costing me well under $100.00. I was expecting to pay at least $50.00 more than I did. Comfortable, clean studio + amazing staff + super reasonable prices means that I'll definitely be coming back for more. -Ethan F

Got my nose pierced here - it was the first time I'd gotten a piercing done at a tattoo place (using needles, not a gun!), so I was a little nervous. Colby was great though - very professional and put my friend and me at ease through our procedures. I'd definitely recommend Adorned for anyone looking to get a piercing! Sure the pricing isn't "cheap," but when you're sticking a needle into your face, I think it's better to err on the side of caution and hygiene than to go someplace shady and regret it later. -Julia L

I went here to pierce my ear. Colby the famous helped me and he was amazing, friendly and funny. I really loved the experience! He answered all of my questions, said funny jokes to calm me down, and kept asking me if I felt ok during the process- he is so nice. The reasons I gave them 4 stars are that the price of jewelry was a bit  too much- unnecessarily high. I spent $70 bucks in total for 1 piercing. Also the attitude of the lady in the front was a little intimidating; I feel like she was almost looking down on me. Anyway, they are definitely trustworthy when it comes to the piercing; even though this was the very last piercing of my life, I would definitely go back. -Teca O

so expensive but so worth it.  i got my tragus done here today by colby.  i did a walk-in and was pretty nervous (what can i say, i'm a wuss :[ ).  colby said hello to me immediately, answered all my stupid questions, and talked me through the entire thing.  it hurt less than when i got my lobes done at one of the best places in san diego.  you're frickin awesome colby.  you're definitely gonna be the one i go to when i decide to get my daith piercing!

technicalities:  paid for piercing/jewelry by credit card, but tipped in cash only.  no wait whatsoever for my walk-in (saturday evening). -Avery C

Colby is the best. A few years ago i went to him to have my nose re-pierced and the experience was memorable :) I didn't have an appointment so i had to wait for a little while, which was no problem. After that i was pushed back a bit because a celebrity cut in front of me. Colby had no choice but to deal with said celebrity and i don't blame him one bit.
once he was finally able to work with me he was great. he took the time to talk to me and get to know me a little bit before actually piercing me. we had a good chat about Boston and NY. He covered all the information on how to take care of the jewelry and piercing itself and said if i had any questions i could contact him. I actually end up contacting Colby for all kinds of various piercing, stretching questions and he is always super great about answering and helping me even though i live in Boston.
I would honestly never let anyone but him pierce me, for me, it's worth the trek 4 hours down to NYC. -the G

Last summer out of dire boredom, I decided to get my naval pierced.  I looked into a real good place to go (definitely don't want to go to St. Mark's, lol).  I found NY Adorned.

The day I went in for my appointment, I'll never forget it, I was scared out of my mind.  I've only ever gotten my ears pierced and that was when I was about 5 months old.. so yeah...

Everyone at the store was really nice and I didn't have to wait too long (although it felt like eternity).   I finally got called to the back and I was told I was getting pierced by Colby.  He's a really great guy lol.

Anyways, everything was pristine clean.  He probably changed gloves and disinfected everything at least 4-5 times.  The needle and all instruments were all enclosed in plastic before using them on me.  He put little dots on my tummy to make sure everything was even.  Explained to me that I have to keep breathing; he was very reassuring.  I'm sure he gets much more freaked out patients than me lol.

So I lay on the table and I get to stare up at this really pretty oriental umbrella hanging on the ceiling so that I may be distracted (but what can distract you from a relatively thick needle through your stomach??).  He told me to breathe..  he didn't take forever..  Just got it done... Owww it hurt..  But then it was over!  There was no blood and I hopped off the table within seconds with my new piercing.  He asked if I was ok (I was fine, are you kidding?  It was over, yey!).  He explained to me in detail how to take care of it, types of soaps I should look for, the kinds of problems I might have if something does go wrong, etc.  Answered all questions I had about healing times, can I go swimming, etc.  I got a little pamphlet explaining even more about my new piercing and he gave me his card.  Told me to give him a call if anything happens.

It healed in about 4-5 months.  I didn't change the piercing until maybe.. 6-7 months after.  I've had absolutely no complications whatsoever.  I'm really glad I went there.  And, perhaps, if I get really bored this coming summer, maybe I'll go back and get a tattoo? -Erin W

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